The day has finally come, we are so excited to finally launch Vision Farming! A few months ago, Tommy and Stephen sat down to try understand what path agriculture would take going into the future. With the help of the strong team in Gardiner Grain and our 2 farms we can finally show you what we have been up to.


With our combined experience in the agriculture sector we have searched far and wide for the best solutions to modern farming. There’s is no end to the amount of products out there for farmers, but there is a clear lack of relatable training and education out there. For a lot of people it has been a long time since they finished agricultural degrees and farming has moved on. Veterinary practices have changed, crop varieties have changed, even the way a shed is constructed has changed. If you look forward greater change is coming, aiming for less reliance on antibiotics, more environmentally sustainable methods and push towards organic to name a few.


With our platform we want to try and be ahead of this movement. Using the farms as our test bed we want to bring you with us, teach you how to get the best out of not only your farm but out of yourself. They days of working from dusk till dawn are over. Farmers need down time just like everyone else, time to spend with their friends and family.  We are not saying there is no need for hard work but with the right training you can work a lot smarter to manage your time.


Now we know its easy to talk here behind a screen. As president Eisenhower said, ‘its easy talk about farming when your pushing a pen not a plough”. But that’s why we have the farms as our test bed. We are going to keep you up to date with all the facts and figures, good and bad. We want you to see when things go well and when things go wrong, how we tackle the issue and show you our results.

So come join us on our journey and together we will bring agriculture into the future!


“Progress over Perfection”




The Vision Farming Team

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