Bovine BlueLite POWDER


Use Bovine BlueLite® to help your cows
Rehydrate. Recover. Perform.

For more than thirty years,  BlueLite® has been the market leader in electrolyte products. The core of our BlueLite technology is built on a palatable and buffered source of electrolytes combined with energy sources. BlueLite formulation contains components that help to maintain cell volume and fluid balance and is also fortified with antioxidant vitamins necessary for combatting toxins.

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When to Use

During periods of heat stress or to rehydrate

Before or after transport

During cold stress events

When changing feeding programs

During health challenges

For show cattle

During health challenges such as post-surgery, for wintery dysentery, after digestive health issues, or in hospital pens use Bovine BlueLite 2Bw

Key Benefits

Promotes water intake

Restores electrolyte balance

Stimulates feed intake

Provides nutrients to restore energy balance

Helps maintain milk production

Source of fluid-balancing osmolytes to help avert metabolic issues and transition cows faster

Patented pelleting technology delivers Bovine BlueLite effectively in a convenient form

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